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Upfront Venture’s Mark Suster Talks LA Tech With Kara Swisher on Recode Decode Podcast

Mark Suster gives an overview of LA Tech.  

When Mark discusses “Playa” he is talking about “Playa Vista”. 

A little know fact is that the first office building in Playa Vista was built for MySpace but they never had a chance to move there after Fox bought them.  I believe Fox Interactive and Fox Sports took some of that space.  

In addition to Mark’s description, Playa Vista has a number of companies either currently located there or moving there. 

FullScreen, The Honest Company, The Rubicon Project, Belkin, Yahoo, YouTube Space LA are located in the Campus.  Google is remodeling the hangar where Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose was built into offices and plans to move in the Fall 2018.  Google also bought the land next door.  Facebook is in the Playa Jefferson complex and Microsoft is in The Reserve. 

And, co-working spaces CTRL Collective and WeWork have Playa Vista locations.

For this Recode Decode podcast and full transcript please click here.

This is for educational purposes only.  Digital Wealth, LLC is not affiliated with Recode Decode (Vox Media) nor any of the companies above.