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Can SoCal Become the Next Great Tech Ecosystem? Thumbnail

Can SoCal Become the Next Great Tech Ecosystem?

I attended the CalTech Entrepreneurs Forum on Saturday, March 14th, 2018 where Andy Wilson, Executive Director,  Alliance for SoCal Innovation gave the keynote presentation.

Andy provided interesting facts from a study the BCG Group did for the Alliance as well as research from Amplify (a pre-seed fund based in Venice, CA) called The Los Angeles Tech & Venture Scene 2018.

Here are some graphics of interest:

Click to enlarge

So if you are an angel investor looking to invest, a startup looking for investment or someone looking to join a tech company in SoCal, you need to understand the trends, the players and the opportunities.

This is for educational purposes only.  Digital Wealth, LLC is not affiliated with the CalTech Entrepreneurs Forum, the BCG Group, the Alliance for SoCal Innovation nor Amplify.